We invite you to experience the snack that has been a staple in Japan for centuries!


What is a rice cracker? 

    Rice crackers are traditional Japanese snacks with a history of over 1,300 years.  

    Naturally low in fat with 0g trans fat, they are a light and tasty alternative to potato chips. 

    Often glazed with a blend of soy sauce and other savory flavors.

    Traditionally enjoyed as a snack with tea, beer, or other hot and cold beverages. 



There are mainly two types of crackers: Arare and Senbei.  

    Arare:  Small rice crackers made from sweet (mochi) rice.  Learn more.

    Senbei:  Larger type cookies or crackers made from flour or conventional (uruchi) rice.  Learn more.



Made in the U.S.A. since 1924

Umeya is the only manufacturer of arare style rice crackers in the U.S.

Made from the finest California-grown rice, Umeya's crackers are toasted to perfection and packaged fresh each day, locking flavor and crispiness in conveniently sealed cello and foil bags. 











Learn more about Umeya's:

Senbei           Arare          Other Products

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